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Learn More About Fontana Gardens Banquet Halls in Vaughan, ON

Excellence is an opportunity that only the most disciplined and courageous ever achieve. With 3 decades of experience, this gem in Vaughan known as Fontana Gardens Banquet Halls continues to offer excellence in everything we do. Passion and pride are evident in every event.

Fontana Gardens Banquet Halls entrance
Fontana Gardens Banquet Halls entrance

“The kitchen is the heart of the business.”

Aiello, Owner

Let’s start with the heart.

It takes preparing a meal thousands of times to perfect the recipe. There are no substitutes to quality ingredients, passion in cooking, or commitment to getting it right. The team of chefs at Fontana Gardens Banquet Halls are no strangers to international cuisine, preparing and perfecting authentic recipes in Italian, Greek, Portuguese, Spanish, Asian, Russian, Caribbean, and Middle Eastern cuisine. Fontana offers it all.

“We aim to achieve a 5-star white glove service”

– Aiello, Owner

Tailored to serve.

Hospitality requires fine detail, and it takes discipline to achieve these high standards. The staff are meticulously dressed and have an eye out for care. Hospitality standards that paved the way for fine detail are still practiced today and our customers expect it. It’s not just weddings that demand perfection; bridal showers, communions, confirmations, baptisms, stags, luncheons, corporate events, birthdays, anniversaries, and many more expect only the best service.

“This Gem in Vaughan”

– Aiello, Owner

Experience for yourself the Fontana Gardens Banquet Halls difference. Contact us today to discuss details of your upcoming event.

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